PPP 2021 for New Clients

January 29, 2021

Accepting PPP Loan Applications from New Clients of Affinity Bank and Newton Federal

If you are not an Affinity Bank or Newton Federal client and would like to apply for a PPP loan (either first draw or second draw), please see the list of required documents below.

Signed and completed Application:

  1. Second Draw Application:  
    – SBA 2483-SD (Second Draw) PPP Borrower Application webpage>>
    (Be sure to initial questions 4 & 5)

    First Draw Application:
    – SBA 2483 PPP Borrower Application webpage>>
    (For those applying for the first time)

  2.  Borrower Acknowledgement Form >>

  3. Competed PPP Funding Document – Request of Deposit of SBA Paycheck Protection Program Loan Proceeds Form >>

  4. Financials validating your “average monthly payroll” figure.  This will expedite your application process.  You can use either 2019 financials or 2020 financials.  Remember to “cap” each employee at $100,000.

  5. Financials proving a 25% reduction in total revenue.  This may be omitted if less than $150,000, but you will have to provide this information to be eligible for any forgiveness.

  6. Beneficial Ownership Certification PDF >>

  7. 2019 Business Tax Return

  8. Corporate Documents

  9. Valid Driver’s License(s) for Owner(s)

Once you have everything together, please send ONE email with all required documentation to ppp2021@myaffinitybank.com.  

We cannot guarantee that your application will be processed if you send multiple emails. 

We also ask for your patience returning calls and emails. There will be a delay as we work diligently to process applications.

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