Good Financial Practices

It's always a good idea to undertake good financial practices.

These efforts become habits, and can help to shape your financial future in a number of beneficial ways. First and foremost, you have to pay close attention to your credit report. Your credit history is one of the main factors that can determine your future financial options.

The first step to maintaining your credit is making sure you stay up to date on all payments. You’ll also want to keep the number of accounts you open relatively low. The more you open, the bigger the impact it’ll have on your scores.

The Power of Credit

For the accounts that you do open, it’s a good rule of thumb to keep balances below 30%. Any higher, and it will have a negative impact on your credit. This shows potential lenders your payment history and habits, and whether or not granting you a loan would be wise. This is one of many potential opportunities impacted by your financial habits.
Another good reason for keeping laser focused on your credit reports is because it can help you stay ahead of fraud. Let’s say someone has compromised one of your accounts. You likely have fraud protection set up, so that you’ll be made aware when something awry is afoot. But, even the world’s largest financial institutions aren’t above error. If something falls under their radar, you could be stuck with the ramifications for decades to come.

Affinity Bank

Accessing your credit report is easy; simply visit any one of the top credit bureaus to learn more. They can provide your info via email, standard mail, and telephone. Use this accessibility to stay several steps ahead.

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