How Identity Theft Can Stop You From Getting a Mortgage

When it comes to buying your home, there are a ton of ducks you need to get and keep in a row.

One of your first priorities should be keeping your credit in check. A better credit score and history means a better chance at getting a mortgage with a favorable interest rate. This saves you more money in the long run. But, there’s a potential danger out there that stands to have a strong impact on your credit: identity theft.

Today, we'll be breaking down what exactly it means to have your identity stolen. Knowing these ins and outs can protect you and help you avoid it altogether.

How it Happens

So what exactly happens when you become a victim of identity theft? It involves people with malicious intent gaining access to your sensitive information. This can include your name, date of birth, social security number and more. With this info, they are able to authorize fraudulent purchases and credit lines at the expense of your credit history.

If you’ve been a victim of this before, don’t feel too bad. You’re not alone by a long shot. In fact, the number of people affected by these crimes number in the millions yearly in the US alone.

How Affinity Bank Helps

Identity theft can impact a range of focus areas. There’s fraud aimed at credit lines, medical insurance, municipal benefits, banking, and much more. These criminals often obtain your information by poaching your personal mail, electronic files, drivers license, and even by sifting through your trash for sensitive documentation.

It’s imperative that you employ as many safeguards as possible to ensure you avoid becoming a victim. Check back in next week to see our next breakdown; we’ll be examining who’s a likely target for fraud. For all other mortgage related needs, there’s always Affinity Bank. Contact us today to learn more.