Joining the CBA of GA for Connect 2022

Affinity Bank would like to extend its warmest regards to the Community Bankers Association of Georgia.

We were able to attend  their Connect 2022 convention, and it was nothing short of wonderful. Our Senior VP of Commercial Lending, Chris Cochran, attended on our behalf; his takeaways from the engagement show just how well it was executed. He’ll even be serving as the LEAD Board Chairman in the coming fiscal year.

In Chris' words,

“There was a lot of excitement from the bankers, associate members, preferred service providers, and the CBA of GA team. I agree with many attendees that said CONNECT 2022 rivaled some of the best conventions they have ever attended.”

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About the Community Bankers Association of Georgia

The CBA of GA holds these conventions on a yearly basis, and they never disappoint. From its mesmerizing cold open by Stuckey’s Corporation CEO Stephanie Stuckey, to its smashing close out by former professional athlete and philanthropist Ray McElroy, there was nary a dull moment at Connect 2022.

The CBA of GA has been operational for over 50 years.

Their main focus is bridging the gap between community oriented banks within close proximity of one another. Whether they know it or not, community-focused banks are members of somewhat of a fraternity. CBA offers each an opportunity to join forces, share resources, and overall strengthen both individual and group efforts. “Today, the Association has 180 community bank members who utilize four main areas of service: Education, Networking, Group Purchasing and Political Affairs.”

Affinity Bank 2022 and Beyond

Again, Affinity Bank thanks the Community Bankers Association of GA for hosting yet another awesome convention. We’re excited to see what the future holds, and look forward to all coming collaborations. You can learn more about the CBA of GA and their various programming on their website: