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Specializing in Extended Terms, High Mileage Programs
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Electronic Lien & Title (ELT) Numbers

ELT Numbers

Join the Next Level Program

Dealers that fund > $75k in the current month will receive benefits the following month

Dealer Reserve Program

Details on the Dealer Reserve Program

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Our Programs and Specializations

Diesel Truck Program

Add 3 Month to all Diesel Truck approved contracts at no additional rate

Commercial Use Rate Program

Call back approval will include these rate adds to base per the terms listed below on all commercial use vehicles

Upfit Program

This program is designed to price appropriately for vehicles with Upfits

High Mileage and Older Model Program with Diesel Truck

Details on the High Mileage and Older Model Programs

Auto and Equity Program

Qualifications, Pricing and Structure Guidelines for the Auto and Equity Program

Backend Program

"Backend" refers to approved Service Warranties, Credit life, A&H Insurance and GAP Policies

College Graduate Program

Details on the College Graduate Program, Criteria and Guidelines

CPO Program

Details on the CPO Program for Franchise and Independent

Flex Reserve Program

Qualifications, Pricing and Structure Guidelines for the Flex Reserve Program

Limited No Credit Program

Guidelines, Criteria and Structure Guidelines for the Limited No Credit Program

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