How Can We Serve Our Dentists?

The Most Important Question We Ask

“How Can We Serve You?”

That is the most important question we ask our Dentists every day at Affinity Bank, a leading full-service bank with a niche expertise in the dental industry.

“We certainly are a community bank,” says Ed Cooney, President of Affinity Bank. “But we define ‘community’ differently. We’ve moved beyond a geographic footprint to serve an industry footprint — specifically, the dental industry.”

In just a few short years, Affinity Bank has grown to become the leading dental bank in the Southeast. This growth was made possible by our outstanding client service and knowing the answers to questions many dentists have not yet thought to ask.

“Being able to serve a community of dentists rather than a geographical community means we are able to offer products and services to help dentists run their offices more efficiently,” says Cooney. “We are able to save dentists time and money by teaching them how to bank efficiently. At the same time, we can give them the best loan rates in the market.” 

 Practicing what we preach is what makes Affinity Bank stand out. With one branch, an estimated $255 million in assets and only 25 employees, we do banking right.

“From an efficiency standpoint, I would say we’re one of the most efficient banks in the state,” says Cooney, who has a unique perspective on the field of dentistry with his wife and father-in-law both dentists. “Our efficiency allows us to really focus on our clients. We pair our high efficiency with outstanding service.

~ A Letter to Prospective Dental Clients from Ed Cooney, the President and CEO of Affinity Bank

That’s the Affinity Bank business model — valuing banking expertise and customer service for a targeted group of customers over thousands of clients and a huge branch network. 

“We take care of all of our clients’ personal banking needs — It’s a very simple concept, and our key focus,” says Cooney, a newly appointed member of The Pankey Institute Board of Directors, a world-class educational foundation for advanced dentistry.  

Affinity Bank’s future is bright. Not only has it seen success in the  dental community, our recent expansion puts it in a position to dominate the dental industry across the Southeast.

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