How Can We Serve You?

A Letter to Prospective Clients from the President and CEO

Dear Friends and Colleagues, 

The big question that comes into play every day at Affinity Bank  with prospective and established clients …

“How Can We Serve You?”

One constant you can rely on, our client services team always finds a the best solution for you when you’re banking with us.

What started off as your run of the mill, community bank in Atlanta has grown into an incredible, full service bank with a niche expertise in many select industries across the Southeast. 

We recently took this to a new, spectacular level during COVID-19 period of early 2020 when we supported thousands of current and new clients – mostly from referrals – with SBA-PPP applications, lines of credit and loan extensions. Our team made it a practice of taking calls, responding to texts and holding video conferences with clients 18 hours a day and on weekends. 

The PPP numbers showcase it all: 1,200 applications amounting to $140,000,000+ in loans processed. 

Even before the pandemic, we grew from primarily servicing the dental community to expanding the  communities surrounding the medical, cosmetic/plastic surgery, dermatology, allergy, veterinary, commercial real estate and boutique-retail spaces. 

We consider ourselves a community bank serving the community within an industry; rather than a geographical footprint. We have clients across the Southeast. 

This evolution has only been scalable and sustainable due to our outstanding client services team who surround our clients in small teams to ensure someone is available to meet, call, text or email our clients when they are ready to move on a loan, refinance, remote deposit solution or general banking offering. 

This approach allows our team to know the answers to questions many clients have not yet thought to ask. Good service requires our team also take a leadership role to ensure we save clients time and money by teaching them how to bank efficiently. While at the same time, we find ways to offer the best [loan] rates in the market. 

As you engage our bank you will find we practice what we preach — or more specifically,  we properly answer the big question about service. It’s what makes Affinity Bank standout.

With an estimated $300 million in assets and only 25 employees, it’s not hard to see we are clearly doing something right and we look forward to proving it to you each and every day.

Thanks in advance for considering joining our community, as a client of our bank.

Ready When You Are,

Ed Cooney
President & CEO
Affinity Bank
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