The Right Banking Tools for Your Small Business

When you run your own business, having the right financial tools to support you are vital.You’ve got a lot on your plate. Daily needs such as making deposits, paying vendors and employees, accepting customer payments, and putting aside funds to grow your business must be continuously attended. That’s a lot to keep straight, so you … Read more

Emergency Savings: Saving Your Future Self

HM Emergency Savings Article Things are going great…for now. But are you prepared to take care of yourself and your family if disaster strikes? No one wants to think about bad things happening in the future. We don’t like to think about it either, but are you prepared when something does happen? Putting a little … Read more

The Different Types of Financial Statements

Financial literacy is imperative when it comes to running a small business. It’s not one of those areas you can afford to neglect. The  future of your company could be at risk without the proper documentation. That’s why Affinity Bank has gathered some pertinent information to keep in mind. Let’s start by looking at the … Read more

Why Financial Statements are Critical for Success

Running a business of any size is challenging, to say the least. There are so many considerations to maintain, and moving parts to account for. You’ll need all the available, relevant resources to power through. Near the top of this list of supports are your financial statements. We don’t say any of this to scare … Read more