Why Checking Your Credit Report is Important

When it comes to your finances, you’ll want to know every aspect in full at all times. That includes keeping an eye on your credit report. As we’ve reported before, your finances and your credit go hand in hand. Keeping both up to date and in good standing means less overall stress in your life. … Read more

Understanding Your Loan Deferment

At first glance, a loan deferment is a saving grace for those struggling under steep financial strain. And yes, it is true that these can be true leg up in a time of need. However, you’ll want to have a full understanding of what taking on a loan deferment means. First, keep in mind that … Read more

Why Budgeting is So Important

Finances can be a big concern in any scenario. Whether it’s just you, or your entire family unit, managing your money should always be a priority. One of the greatest tools you can employ in this way is that of budgeting. But for many, this is an even bigger source of strain. That’s because many … Read more

Why a Savings Account is so Important

We all know that saving money is a good idea.  But in some cases, people feel they don’t have the time, income, or strategies to help. That’s why Affinity Bank is taking some time to cover the subject. This is in addition to the savings account options we offer in our services list. There could … Read more