Joining the CBA of GA for Connect 2022

Affinity Bank would like to extend its warmest regards to the Community Bankers Association of Georgia. We were able to attend  their Connect 2022 convention, and it was nothing short of wonderful. Our Senior VP of Commercial Lending, Chris Cochran, attended on our behalf; his takeaways from the engagement show just how well it was … Read more

The Three Bank Accounts Every Business Needs

3 Owning a business of any size comes with what feels like a laundry list of considerations. There are so many different moving parts that require all of your staff’s attention. In this case, it helps to have dependable, efficient resources that make life easier for all parties involved. Here are the top three bank … Read more

Common Issues With Managing A Budget

A huge drawback when it comes to managing a budget is failing to have one in the first place. Many often spend money day to day without tracking where these funds are going. Sure, this can be the case for large purchases. But it’s those minute, daily purchases that can mean the difference between a … Read more