Julian and Jan Hester Scholarship

Affinity Bank – as a Member of the Community Bankers Association of Georgia – Recommends the Julian & Jan Hester Scholarship to a Deserving High School Senior. ABOUT THE JULIAN & JAN HESTER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP The goal of the Julian & Jan Hester Memorial Scholarship is to assist deserving high school seniors in their first … Read more

Common Issues With Managing A Budget

A huge drawback when it comes to managing a budget is failing to have one in the first place. Many often spend money day to day without tracking where these funds are going. Sure, this can be the case for large purchases. But it’s those minute, daily purchases that can mean the difference between a … Read more

Maintaining Loans During a Time of Crisis

In the past two years, the world has seen its fair share of trials and tribulations. So much has happened that we simply could not have predicted. This is what makes managing finances all the more complex, and even more, necessary. Many were faced with the task of maintaining loans during these periods of crisis. … Read more

Getting A Loan Deferment

Getting a loan deferment can mean a huge reprieve for you and your finances. It can allow you to breathe a sigh of relief, as you move about getting your finances in order with one less immediate concern on your back. That said, getting a loan deferment is no easy process. First, your best bet … Read more

Opening a Youth Savings Account

YOUTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT | It’s never too early to start saving. And if you’re a parent or legal guardian, it’d be worth your while to help instill these habits in your children sooner rather than later. Getting them ready now will help to keep them in a good place as they move along in life. … Read more

Why a Savings Account is so Important

We all know that saving money is a good idea.  But in some cases, people feel they don’t have the time, income, or strategies to help. That’s why Affinity Bank is taking some time to cover the subject. This is in addition to the savings account options we offer in our services list. There could … Read more

Top Savings Account Tips

Welcome back to the Affinity Bank blog archive. We’ve returned with yet another entry aimed at helping you improve your financial experience. Today’s subject: top savings account tips. We all know the true value that a good savings account with a reputable banking institution can provide. That said, there are some great steps you can … Read more

The Different Types of Savings Accounts

As you likely well know, beefing up your savings account is a big deal. It can help you out of a myriad of different financial strains, and is a great resource when planning for future purchases. Today, we’ll be going over the different types of savings accounts that are commonly offered. First, there’s something called … Read more

Knowing Your Needs and Wants for Your Budget

As we’ve discussed previously, creating a budget is so very necessary for eliminating common financial stresses. As such, it’s good to plan ahead by having a solid budget plan in place. The first step is knowing what to spend your money on. Try separating your costs into two distinct categories: what’s necessary, and what’s a … Read more